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What’s in a mission statement?

What’s in a mission statement?

What's in a mission statement?

When rebranding your business, you may decide a mission statement is in order. A mission statement is a short statement of an organisation’s purpose, identifying the goal of its operations.

Mission statements are effective because they:

  • Guide the business forward and sum up the renewed purpose gained from a rebrand.
  • Allow your team to reflect on business strengths and new come up with new ideas during the process.
  • Establish consistency in values across growing departments and new employees.

So how should it work for your business?

What does your business do? What is its purpose?

i.e. To provide software solutions. Or to sell women’s clothing. To deliver flowers.

Who are your customers? Are the other businesses, the everyday consumer, young women, a specific group of enthusiasts?

How do you do what you do? This requires some thinking, as it doesn’t refer to the physical logistics – it refers to the fashion your service is provided in. You can answer this by brainstorming your business values. These will be values that come through in how you do business.

i.e. Providing high qualityproducts / Superiorcustomer service / Service provided quickly.

Why do you do it? This is where the passion comes in. What drives your business to provide the service it does? This can be the most important part of a mission statement because a purpose is something we can all relate to. For some companies, this can be the story of how the business got started, or even tackling affordability within the market.

Now you have the initial concept of your mission statement. Here are a few tips:

  • Be succinct. As stated before, a mission statement is meant to be Whilst it may be challenging to boil down all the values and competencies you’ll have identified into just a sentence, a mission statement that is too long is hard to remember and often muddles the vision you’re trying to project.
  • Try and avoid buzzwords. Whilst brainstorming the brand identity of your business, you will come across words that seem flattering or key to being included in your statement; but don’t force these in if they don’t fit with the rest of the sentence you’re trying to construct. It might be nice to have the word strong in your mission statement, but that can be conveyed in your brand messaging rather than explicitly stated.
  • Try and avoid gimmicks. It may be tempting to try and be clever, but it rarely works. A mission statement is something you want not just your clientele to value and believe in, but also your employees. If your mission statement is gimmicky then you run the risk of being memorable for the wrong reasons to potential clients, and perhaps unmemorable to employees, as it won’t be something they want to live by in their work.
  • Your mission statement should empower your business. Your employees should believe in the values it communicates, as they’ll be the ones demonstrating them day to day. An inspirational statement can also impress clients, as it gives them an impression of your values and the scope of service you hold yourself to.

There you have how to craft a mission statement and how to make it a great one. Get brainstorming and make a mission statement the cherry on top of a successful business rebrand.

Article by Cheyenne Bunsie

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