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The Shape Podcast

The Shape Podcast. We are inspired by people who are passionate and talented at what they do.

On The Shape podcast we speak to talented individuals who are goal getters in their industry to see what inspires them.

Episode One – Julia Girgenti, Luxury Events >

As both a choreographer and an event planner, I have always been inspired by Sergei Diaghilev of the Ballet Russe. He was an extraordinary Russian choreographer based in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century who would bring together the finest dancers, artists, fashion designers and craftsmen of his time to collaborate and build every incredible dance piece he made for the Ballet Russe. For my clients today, this translates into what I believe is a particularly unique approach to Luxury event planning…

Episode Two – San Chima, Coast2Coast USA >

I am a 60 year old father, husband, uncle, solicitor, mentor and long distance cyclist. I live and love life in London, England. However, right now I’m somewhere between Astoria on America’s west coast and Portsmouth New Hampshire! I and my trusty bike are clocking up nearly 4000 miles as I cycle Coast2CoastUSA.

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