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The Secret Language of Logos

The Secret Language of Logos

The Secret Language of Logos

Graphic designer David Airey deconstructs the world’s most famous logos. In his article he looks at the secret language of logos and uncovers some hidden meanings in the process.

Discover the famous brand identities with their secret stories embedded in the logo. A good logo should be the tip of the iceberg for a brand identity. Speaking with The Shape team we have collated a selection of our own favourite brand logos.

Paul Harrison, Creative Director
“I have a soft spot for the Russell & Bromley logo. The elegant font connects the two words ‘Russell’ and ‘Bromley’ with the flowing ampersand. It is simple and luxurious.”

Jim Gaffney, Head of Studio and Design
“The Adidas logo is my favourite logo over the years. The development of the three stripes on the products and marketing means the brand is recognisable globally”.

Neil Harrison, Head of Copy and Content
“The Guinness logo with the harp is the most iconic for me. The brand is so strong they can now show the harp standing alone.”

See David’s video article on the BBC website. Read the full article here > 

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