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Stay proactive as a business to succeed

Stay proactive as a business to succeed

Due to circumstances outside of our control, we all have plenty of time to reflect on life at this moment.

Stay proactive as a business to succeed. Over the up and coming days and weeks people will also start reflecting on their businesses. Does the service they offer need to change? Is their current tone of voice correct? What are their competitors doing? Who is the target audience and how do they engage with them? Is their current brand identity right? 

At The Shape we are working on a range of projects for clients who are rebranding and clarifying their business and marketing strategy. This will allow them to hit the ground running in three months or so when we come through this difficult time. Please ask yourself and your team some hard but key questions:

  • Has your target audience changed?
  • Is your product or service still relevant?
  • Are there small things we can implement internally to get a consistent message on everything you do?

Our Creative Director, Paul Harrison, is offering a 20 minute consultancy to find out more about your business and to share advice based on his twenty plus years in the industry as a gesture to help steer you in the right direction. If you would like to book a time to chat with Paul to discuss your business, please email him on Or contact The Shape via this website.

He can’t speak to everyone so we have put aside 15 sessions over the next few weeks to start with to see the interest. The video call and Paul’s time are at no cost to you. Stay safe and healthy. The Shape. Stay proactive as a business to succeed.

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