Create a strong Brand Identity to help your business succeed.

In this paragraph, we are going to explain why our Brand Identity Service will be useful for your business. You will work closely with our talented and experienced team to develop a strong brand identity. An identity that not only shares your unique story but gives you a brand that will inspire your team and engage with the target audience you are looking to connect with.

For a brand identity to be successful, we first make sure the brief is correct. Our brand workshop is constructed to dig deep into a businesses core values, long term goals, target audience and assess the competition to start off on the right foot.

At the end of the workshop, we supply your business with a detailed brand guidelines document to ensure consistency. The document will contain the key information from the colour palette to the typography to the image style.

Our brand identity guidelines are created to help your team and businesses partners to always present your brand in the correct way.

Brand Workshop

SDB Group brand indentity and bespoke icon
SDB Group
Brand Identity Development
We developed the identity based on a players signature to create a vibrant and professional look.
Dick Tyler
Brand Identity Project
The Shape team crafted the identity for business coach Dick Tyler.
SH Property Management
Brand Identity Development
The Shape worked closely with the SHPM team to develop a brand to connect with landlords and estate agents.

for clients

Our full service approach gives our clients the benefit of consistency both visually and in the tone of voice. Images from the branding project for Paul Ainsley.

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