Fly High With A Strong Brand Identity

Fly High With A Strong Brand Identity and grow your business. During the lockdown, our creative team developed a series of brand idents for The Shape to promote our services

The Secret Language of Logos

The Secret Language of Logos Graphic designer David Airey deconstructs the world’s most famous logos. In his article he looks at the secret language of logos and uncovers some hidden

Dezeen Podcast Face to Face – Marcus Fairs speaks with Es Devlin

We really enjoyed this Dezeen Face to face podcast by Marcus Fairs with Es Devlin and hope you enjoy it too. It’s very inspiring. Dezeen’s new Face to Face podcast

The Best Business Strategy For Surviving A Recession? Not What You’d Think.

What is your Marketing Strategy going to be for the tough times ahead? The Best Business Strategy For Surviving A Recession? Famed investor (and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) Warren Buffett

Stay proactive as a business to succeed

Stay positive as a business and use the time to your benefit

Creating a brand identity for artist Carinthia West was an absolute pleasure. We worked closely with Carinthia and Uffizi Hair Gallery to create the brand and marketing for the event.

The Brand ripple – Creating a strong brand identity and story will send positive message across every aspect of your business. From energising your internal team to captivating your target

As the mornings are getting colder and the nights are darker, we decided to create some vibrant idents for The Shape brand to lift the mood! Creating engaging content is

The Shape Podcast

We are inspired by people who are passionate and talented at what they do. On The Shape podcast, Paul Harrison our creative director speaks to talented individuals who are goal getters

Rebecca Mock – Turning gifs into an art form

Turning gifs into an art form. We love the work created by Rebecca Mock. Check out her article in Adobe Create Magazine Moving Pictures: Rebecca Mock Has Turned Gifs into