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Brand Identity for Carinthia West

Brand Identity for Carinthia West

Creating a brand identity for artist Carinthia West was an absolute pleasure. We worked closely with Carinthia and Uffizi Hair Gallery to create the brand and marketing for the event.

To target high net worth individuals we chose the Uffizi Hair Gallery as a venue. Based in the heart of Battersea, the salon has a database of wealthy clients.

A series of posters and leaflets were shared in with local businesses sharing the same target audience as well as a digital campaign. The Uffizi database and their LinkedIn connections gave us a warm audience to engage with.

Project elements consisted of:

  • Targeted strategy
  • Creation of Branding Style for Carinthia West
  • Invitation design
  • Uffizi Gallery LinkedIn setup and marketing posts
  • 1976 Postcard Pack concept, design, artwork and print management
  •  Slideshow for window projection at gallery

Preparing for the event was incredible. To see first hand the amazing photos of such performers looking so at ease, was special. Creating a brand identity for artist Carinthia West which was seen by so many was equally as special.

To see the great photography by Carinthia of stars such as Mick Jagger, David Bowie and The Beatles, read the Telegraph article >

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