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Athletico Madrid, a brand with values

Athletico Madrid, a brand with values

Athletico Madrid, a brand with core values. Firstly, Athlectico Madrid use the large shadow cast over them by their fierce rivals as a positive. Their supporters proudly say we are everything Real Madrid are not. They define themselves as the people club.

Renowned for building a team with grit and resilience, Diego Simeone has revitalised Atletico with a new era of open and attacking football built around tactical tweaks and player role transformations. Moreover, rather than the classic modern-day transfer window splurge they have transformed what they had.

How can your business benefit from the Athletico example. For instance, start by listing the things you are not. Look at you closest competitors and find your USP (unique selling point). Once you have put your core values in place make sure you believe in them and practice what you preach.

Each member of your team from the owner to the receptionist should embrace the tone of voice decided on.

Read the full article and watch a short video on Athletico Madrid, a brand with core values on the BBC website > The article is written by football writer, Raj Chohan.

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